ProAm is a very popular term in ballroom dancing. It refers to amateur forming a partnership with a professional dancer to take part in competitions or showcase their performance at different events.

Well-developed in the world, and especially in the United States, ProAm system allows people of any level and age take part in dance competitions and get the best possible competitive and learning experience. Being a student and a partner to a professional dancer allows you to develop your dance skills tremendously. It is always a stress free, clear, fun and fast learning journey.

Today, you have a great opportunity to be on board with Iaroslav and Liliia Bieliei - well-accomplished ProAm teachers and partners. They have achieved great results with their students on the dance floor. Among them:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival ProAm (Blackpool, UK)

  • Champion title at World ProAm Championship at Embassy Ball (Irvine, CA)

  • US Champion title at United States Dance Championship (Orlando, FL)

  • Bronze medal at Ohio Star Ball (Columbus, OH)

  • Champion title at London Ball (London, UK), Festival Danza (Cervia, Italy), Disney Cup (Paris, France)

  • First place at Emerald Ball (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Winner title at Empire Dance Championship (New York, NY) and many more titles at other World and North American competitions


Join the beautiful world of ballroom dancing and get to experience events and competitions like professionals!


Iaroslav and Liliia, are ready to offer you a unique program that allows to train with them in Los Angeles, CA, where they are based, as well as any other state or country in the world. The program is entirely based on Prism Method, personal training, and modern technologies, allowing you to get the best of ProAm experience.

ProAm Showcase

For an absolutely unique experience, create your showcase number with Iaroslav and Liliia. You can put together a choreography to your favorite music and perform it at any event of your choice.

ProAm Video

Create a memory of a lifetime by filming your showcase with professional dancer and videographer. A great birthday or anniversary present and a beautiful gift for yourself. You will get an absolutely unique experience: choreography, music, attire, hair and make up service and personalized preparation plan in order for you to get the most out of it. Get a beautiful dance video of your dreams produced with professional guidance.