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Personalize your look on a dance floor

When I started to dance, since an early age I was immediately attracted to how other dancers looked like on the floor. I associated dancing with glamour and sophistication. Elegant dresses, sparkly accessories, hair and make up seemed so special, so I was naturally very interested in all of it.

As a kid in Ukraine, I was not allowed to have any accessories in my costume at all until I was 14 years old according to the rules. Obviosly, I wanted to have a sparkly outfit so much to a point when I even collected Swarovski crystals to make a dance dress full of crystals at least for my Barbie.

Liliia Bieliei at dance competition in Glow Earrings

While growing up and becoming a better dancer I was also constantly reminded by my teachers how important image on the dance floor was. No metter the level of dancing. I was taught how when you walk on the dance floor, you were first judged by appearence, even before starting to move! So I was always very aware of my dresses, hair and make up and accessories. And I knew that by looking good I was scoring extra points. I loved designing and creating special looks for my competitions.

Today, being a professional dancer I understand what girl needs to feel confident on and off the dance floor. The way you dress defines who you are while jewelry adds a final touch and a boost of confidence. It allows you to perform your very best and you feel like you can conquer the World! I believe, wearing beatiful jewelry gives this magical sensation every time.

That is why I started Glow Jewelry - a brand of earrings designed for dancing and beyond.