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How Posture awareness can improve your dancing

You are a Standard dancer but still struggle with being back-weighted or off-balance during dancing? Having hard time to connect to your partner properly or even experiencing back pain?

How to build a good posture and dance efficiently but with "big shape”?

1. Vertical alignment.

Balance first! If you can’t stand straight, you won’t be able to move properly or create big beautiful lines while dancing.

👍🏼Making sure the body parts are in balance with each other and that you are fully aware of them. Check point - there should be no tension in your muscles while standing straight!

2. “Big shape”

Are you trying to create big shape in sake of itself or does it have function?

👍🏼Knowing how to create curve is a must. But finding its purpose is the most important. Understanding when and why you curve will give you a chance to produce even more balanced and bigger, more voluminous shapes!

3. Partnering. Connection and communication with your partner is the essence of Standard dancing.

👍🏼 Building a set up with your partner that would not make you sacrifice your personal posture or balance! Understand how you pick up your arms and which joints are involved in creating all the angles of Standard frame. Learn about 5 connection points with you partner and most importantly - their function within the hold. Remember that Standard “frame” is not static!

While dancing theoretically helps to build good posture, it could also be harmful to you body if executed improperly. Be sure that you build you posture and set up wisely and base your exercises on Anatomy and Biomechanics.

Learn how to build up an efficient functional posture and hold in Standard using #prismethod. We are launching our innovative interactive course “Posture”.

It includes:

  • 5 video lessons with detail explanation and demonstration by Iaroslav and Liliia

  • 4 bonus videos with 3D skeleton model taking a Standard hold

  • 30 minutes one-on-one online lesson included in price when you send in your “homework” video.

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