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Kyiv Pro/Am Dance Festival and Team Match 2021

Dear friends!

With a great pleasure we would like to introduce you a high class Pro/Am event in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Organized by "BIG Pro/Am Community", BIG Dance Studios and Ballroom Pages this beautiful competition has a lot to offer:

  • Located at the event center of the Kyiv Golf Club in a spacious 12000 sq ft ballroom.

  • International panel of adjudicators.

  • Competitors from all over the world in styles like International Standard and Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm, Theatrical Arts and Argentine tango.

  • A first ever event in Ukraine being a part of Dance Vision Circuit.

  • A first ever event in the World holding annual Pro/Am Team Match in 3 Styles (Standard, Latin, Smooth) and 2 levels (Closed and Open Syllabus)

  • Prize Money for Pro/Am Scholarship competitors

  • Great customer service

On June 5, 2021 all package holders were invited for a Yacht Voyage and Ukrainian Style welcome dinner.

Competition started on June 6, 2021 at 10 am with Pro/Am Single dances and 2,3,4,5 Dance Challenges. It was an opportunity for students who just started their dance journey and did not have enough time to master all dances in selected style to still being able to compete with dances they knew at given moment.

Every competitor at "Kyiv Pro/Am Dance Festival and Team Match" has received a complimentary lunch during the lunch break as well as great participation awards- chocolates and flowers.

Evening Session started with Pro/Am Championships, which was a part of Dance Vision Circuit.

An "alternative final" system was used by the organizers to run finals in Championship events that gave students an extra time to rest between the dances and show their best on a dance floor.

Each finalist was presented with a solo dance on in each Age group and Style which gave an opportunity to every couple to show their best to their friends, families and of course judges.

The Cherry on a Top of the evening session was Pro/Am Team Match supported by Dance Vision.

4 Teams hit the floor. Competitors from 4 different countries- Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and USA.

Together with an electric audience they have created a truly unique atmosphere promoting a new dance style for Ukraine- American Smooth and of course Friendship through the Dance.

The trophy went to Team 2 from BIG Dance Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine. Congratulations to the winners!

Having competed in many Pro/Am events across North America, Europe and Asia we were impressed by a very high standards that were set in Kyiv this year. There is no doubt that attention to details and customer service will move this competition to the highest ranks amongst Pro/Am community in the World in the nearest future.

Judges of Kyiv Pro/Am Dance Festival and Team Match 2021
Judges of Kyiv Pro/Am Dance Festival and Team Match 2021: Jesus Paez & Iara Duarte (Argentina), Slawek and Marzena Sochacki (Poland), Maria Bogado (Argentina), Pavel Yartsev (Belarus), Nataliia Koliada (Ukraine), Liliia Bieliei (USA), Leonid Burlo (USA), Bogdan Golovatenko (Ukraine, Organizer), Simone di Pasquale (Italy), Oxana Lebedew (Germany), Jonathan Wilkins (USA), Oleg Shumaev (Ukraine), Roman Malkov (Poland)

We are very much looking forward to Pro/Am Dance Festival and Team Match 2022 in beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine!

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